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westpool WP-3212 Digital Satellite HD LED TV - 32'' Black

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Key Features

  • Colour: Black
  • Screen Size: 32"
  • Direct LED backlit
  • Screen Resolution: 720 x 480 Pixels
  • Connectivity: HDM1, USB, VGA
  • Voltage: 100 ~ 240V/50 60Hz
  • 1x 32" TV
Fly away with us into a new world where reality takes the back seat to imagination, sensation and intrigue. With Westpoint LED the optical limits and boundaries of traditional televisions are defied. Believe in us your imagination will leave you no choice but to indulge. Westpool LED TV provides all you need for quality home entertainment.
With 720p full definition resolution, the images are so life-like it feels like you are really there. Horizontal lines create stunning details and crystal-clear, vibrant colors to create a brilliantly realistic picture.

Westpool LED 32 Digital Satellite 3212 comes with an energy saving feature that includes backlight control that reduces power consumption. It has a great features such as Electronic programming guide (EPG) Logical Channel number and DTV service name supports as well as Parental rating lock.

Buy Westpool 3212 32 inch Digital Satellite HD LED Television on Jomartt at a cheap price


  • Screen Size: 32 Inch
  • Direct LED backlit
  • Resolution: 720 x 480
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • HD Type: HD

  • HDM1, USB, VGA Input, PC audio input, AV input, Component input
  • with Bracket

  • Video: DVB-T (MPEG4) , Video signal 
  • Standard: HDTV 
  • Scan format: 720p

Power supply
  • Voltage: 100 ~ 240V/50 60Hz

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